Press Release on Global Action Week on Education for All 2013

Good teachers vital to ensure right to education Global Action Week on Education (21 – 28 April 2013) launched at Temple of Chu Van An

Ha Noi, 23 April 2013 – The importance of good teachers was stressed today at the launch of the 2013 Global Action Week on Education, held at the Temple of Chu Van An, Chi Linh town, Hai Duong Province.

Organized annually by the Global Campaign for Education, the Week is an occasion to promote the right to quality education for all. This year’s global themes are ‘Every child needs a teacher’ and ‘Trained teachers for All’. Themes for the campaign in Viet Nam are ‘Every Child has the right to good teachers’ and ‘Let’s develop dedicated and capable teachers for all learners’, both highlighting the importance of improving the quality of teacher training to ensure  all learners can realize their right to quality education.

Ensuring quality

In Viet Nam the focus in the education sector is shifting from simply ensuring the right to access education, to ensuring the right to access a good quality education. The education system and teacher training programmes need to be renovated so future and current teachers are well trained and receive support they need. Teachers, their training, recruitment, retention, status and working conditions are among the Ministry of Education and Training’s top priorities.

Speaking at the launching ceremony, Vice Minister Nguyen Vinh Hien, said that “learning can only be maximized when it is facilitated by motivated and capable teachers”, noting the Ministry’s efforts to improve pre- and in-service teacher training to improve the quality of teachers.

Addressing challenges

To improve education quality and ensure that all future and in-service teachers receive the training and support they need, renovation of the education and training system is essential. One of the most difficult challenges identified is ensuring that well-trained, professional and motivated teachers are deployed to the least advantaged areas.

In her remarks, Pratibha Mehta, UN Resident Coordinator in Viet Nam warned that there are now less than one thousand days left for all countries to reach Education for All and Millennium Development Goals. She emphasized that special measures to attract, train and retain teachers in poor and remote areas are a priority to ensure quality education reaches all learners in Viet Nam, including the most disadvantaged and vulnerable.

Week of action

In Viet Nam, Global Action Week for Education is led by the Ministry of Education and Training and supported by ActionAid International in Viet Nam, ChildFund, the Viet Nam Coalition for Education for All, Oxfam, Plan International, Room to Read, Save the Children, the Centre for Education and Development, the Flemish Association for Development Cooperation and Technical Assistance (VVOB), World Vision, ILO, UNESCO and UNICEF.

Organized at the Temple of the Great Teacher, Chu Van An, the launching ceremony brought together leaders of the Ministry of Education and Training, the Trade Union for Education Personnel, teachers, educational managers, learners and parents, mass organizations, international organizations and provincial and local authorities. Together they discussed recommendations for improving the quality of teachers in the country.

Throughout the week, schools across the country will host discussions between students, parents, teachers and local education authorities on concrete ways to better support teachers. A column entitled “Good Teachers for 21st Century Learners” will be launched on the Education and the Times Newspaper and the Journal of Education Science, engaging anyone inside or outside Viet Nam to contribute their ideas on the characteristics and skills learners need to respond to 21st century challenges and how to support teachers to provide this education.

About Global Action Week

Global Action Week is a worldwide annual campaign of the Global Campaign for Education, a coalition of NGOs and teachers’ unions, to raise awareness of the importance of Education for All. It aims to mobilize additional political and financial support for the achievement of Education for All goals.

The Ministry of Education and Training, with active support from NGOs, ILO, UNESCO and UNICEF, has organized Global Action Week activities every year since its inception.

For more information about Global Action Week, please visit the Global Campaign for Education’s Website at

For more information about the campaign in Viet Nam, visit the Global Action Week in Viet Nam Website at or contact:

Mr.   Hoang Duc Minh

Director, Department of Teachers and Educational Administrators,  Ministry of Education and Training


Tel/Fax:  +84 (4) 36231420

Ms. Tran Thi Thanh Tam

Education Programme Officer,   UNESCO Viet Nam


Tel.: +84 (4) 37 47 02 75/23

Fax: +84 (4) 37 47 02 74

Mobile: 01236491768


Ms.   Nguyen Thi Kieu Trang

Media Coordinator,

ChildFund Office in Viet Nam


Phone: (844) 3944 6449

Fax: (844) 39446 453

Mobile: 0904 879 991

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