Press Release on Global Action Week on Education for All 2012

In April this year, children and adults from all over the world will be participating in an international campaign with the purpose promoting every child’s rights to early care and education, rights which begin at birth. The Global Campaign for Education is calling on world leaders to deliver on their commitments and ensure early childhood care and education for every child, giving them more chances to achieve their full potential, end the cycle of poverty and support building prosperity for the global population.

In Viet Nam, Global Action Week is held from 22 to 29 April by the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET), with the support of local and international organizations including ChildFund, Plan, Save the Children, UNESCO, UNICEF, Viet Nam Coalition for Education for All (VCEFA), and World Vision. The week employs the global slogan: Rights from the Start! Early Childhood Care and Education Now!

Early childhood encompasses the period from birth to eight years of age and is the most critical period in human development. The early years are the foundation for future cognitive, physical, mental, emotional and cultural development. Children learn from birth onwards primarily through positive and stimulating interactions with caregivers and through appropriate early stimulation and play. They achieve better learning outcomes when exposed to a stimulating home and community environment. Thus, early childhood care and education should have a holistic approach, focusing on the health, hygiene and protection of children. Joint efforts from different organizations are crucial for the success of integrated programmes.

The first years of primary school are critical to ensure that children have educational success. Children are more likely to enroll and less likely to drop out of primary school if the transition to primary school is supportive and positive. Continuity of teaching and learning methodologies between preschool and primary school can make the transition easier for students.

During Global Action Week in Viet Nam, focus will be given to partnerships among families, schools, social organizations and communities to support and promote young children’s holistic development, reminding everyone of the importance to foster stronger policies, strengthen partnerships, design more quality programme, and allocate more time and human and financial resources to early childhood care and education.

A series of activities will take place at national and sub-national levels to raise awareness of the public and the Government and remind everyone of the importance of ensuring that all children get the care and education they deserve right from the start.

The national event will include a round-table discussion in Hoa Hong kindergarten in Vinh Phuc province with participation of MOET, line ministries, mass organizations, Vinh Phuc DOET and provincial departments and organizations, local communities, NGOs and UN agencies, media journalists, children and their caregivers to share information, good practices and recommendations on ECCE. In line with the global activities, young children, teachers, parents and caregivers will also enjoy art activities for making a Big Picture of their Ideal Early Childhood and Education Situation through hand printing, drawing and painting.

A media campaign will take place throughout the Week to highlight that early childhood care and education is not only about aspects of access and quality in education, but also other factors that make for a good start for young children, benefiting themselves, their family, their communities, their society and the world at large.

About Global Action Week

Global Action Week is a worldwide annual campaign initiated and organized by the Global Campaign for Education (GCE), a coalition of NGOs and teachers’ unions in over 100 countries, to raise awareness of the importance of Education for All. It aims to mobilize additional political and financial support for the achievement of EFA goals. Organized annually by the Global Campaign for Education (GCE), the campaign aims to raise awareness on Education for All (EFA).

MOET, with active support from NGOs, UNESCO and UNICEF, has actively organized Global Action Week since its inception and calls on its partners and networks to continue to engage in the campaign for the education for all the children, youth and adults.

For more information, please visit or contact us:

Ministry of Education and Training Mr. Phạm Ngọc Định

Vice Director, Primary Education Department,  MOET

Vice Chairman, National Coordination Board for Education for All


Tel/Fax: 043 6230740

UNESCO in Việt NamBà Sun Lei

Education Programme Coordinator


Tel.: +84 (4) 37 47 02 75/21

Fax: +84 (4) 37 47 02 74

ChildFund Office in Việt NamBà Nguyễn Thị Kiều Trang

Media Coordinator


Phone: (844) 3944 6449

Fax: (844) 39446 453

Mobile: 0904 879 991

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