UNESCO is a specialized agency of the United Nations working to contribute to peace and security by creating the conditions for collaboration among nations in the areas of education, science and social sciences, culture, communications and information. Internationally agreed upon development objectives, such as the Millennium Development Goals, and the Organization’s two global priorities, Africa and Gender Equality, form the foundation for UNESCO’s strategies and activities. Broad objectives include attaining education for all and lifelong learning, mobilizing science knowledge and policies for sustainable development, addressing emerging social and ethical challenges, fostering cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue and a culture of peace and building inclusive knowledge societies through information and communication.

The UNESCO Ha Noi Office was established in September 1999 and national programmes focus on the conservation and promotion of cultural heritage and on providing equal access to quality education and training at all levels, especially for vulnerable and disadvantaged groups to meet both international standards and national goals. Its science and sustainable development sector works to utilize research models developed in Viet Nam’s World Natural Heritage and Biosphere Reserve sites to harmonize conservation and livelihood practices. The office’s communication and information programme supports the development of media and ICT training at universities and continuing education centres.

Bài này đã được đăng trong Sơ lược về tổ chức. Đánh dấu đường dẫn tĩnh.

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