Press Release 2010

Viet Nam to response to Education for All Global Action Week with “Enhanced Investment in education” message
Hanoi: Today students of Lieu Giai Experimental School have had a chance to enjoy a fascinating football match which two famous football players Van Thi Thanh and Pham Thanh Luong act as referees. This match is a prominent national event of Viet Nam to response to the EFA Global Action Week with the theme of “Enhanced Investment in education” taking place between 19 and 25 April, 2010.

At the same day similar events have also been organized in a number of provinces and cities nationwide as well as in 100 countries in the world with the slogan of “One goal- 1GOAL: Education for All”. This slogan comes from the idea of linking the image of a ball (symbolizing the Objective of Education for All) flying into the goal. The objectives of this year’s campaign include:

• Enhanced social awareness of and interest in the importance of education
• Advocacy to the Government, ministries and agencies, enterprises, benefactors, civil society organizations and community for their interest and reasonable investment in education.

In the world the EFA Global Action Week 2010 has received enthusiatic responses from a number of celebrities like the President of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) Sepp Blatter, the Queen of the Kingdom of Jordan, the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, football players Zinedine Zidane, Alan Shearer among others. They all gathered in a video clip to advocate for “One Goal – 1 goal: Education for All”, calling upon the whole world to alocate all resources on creating learning opportunities for 72 million children who have not been able to go to school.

At the national event, all representatives of involved agencies have demonstrated their concensus with the slogan of “Investment in Education is investment in future”. The appeal for the interest in and socialization of “Enhanced Investment in Education”, advocating the Government, line ministries and agencies, enterprises, international organizations and civil society as well as the community to make reasonable and efficient investment in education, is also the message sent by Madame Nguyen Thi Nghia, Vice Minister of Education and Training in the ceremony.

The EFA Global Action Week is co-organized by Ministry of Education and Training and the Alliances of international and domestic organizations which include UNESCO, Actionaid, Childfund, World Vision, Aide de Action, Oxfam, Vietnam Learning Promotion Association, CENEV, VCCI, VAPCR, CEPEW and DHA with the participation of a number of other ministries and agencies like Ministry of Finance, Vietnam Football Federation, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry etc.

1. What is Global Action Week for Education?

The Global Action Week for Education was launched in 1999. The campaign helps civil society organizations, domestic and international non-governmental organizations, teachers’ organizations and child right activists in over 120 countries all over the world to advocate for education as a basic human right. The campaign also aims at enhancing the awareness of normal people, encouraging governments and the international community to further commitment to the provision of basic, compulsory and free education for all, women and the disadvantaged in the society as well as implementing goals and the strategy of Education for All (EFA) as agreed by governments of 185 nations in Dakar in April 2000.

Since the Global Action Week for Education campaign was launched, the number of school-leaving children in the world reduced from 100 million to 72 million and the number of illiterate adults also decreased from 871 million to 774 million.

EFA goals are the lodestar for countries to help all citizens realize their capacity and rights, enabling them to escape from poverty and enjoy a quality life.

With the strong commitment for EFA, the Government of Viet Nam has drafted and approved the National Action Plan on EFA in the 2003-2015 period including the strategic action framework of four priorities in the education system: (i) pre-school caring and education, (ii) elementary education; (iii) lower secondary education and (iv) non-formal education. These groups are reflected into three areas of action which are Approach; Quality and Relevance; and Management.

2. Theme of the Global Action Week for Education 2010

The Global Campaign for Education initiates the EFA Global Action Week every April with different themes. The theme of the 2009’s Week was “Youth and Adult Literacy and Lifelong Learning”. The theme of the 2010’s Week is “Enhanced Investment in Education”, calling upon all nations to quickly act for the achievement of goals of Education for All by 2015. Messages of the 2010’s Week in Viet Nam complementing the theme of “Enhanced investment in Education” include:

• Investment in education – investment in future
• Prioritize investment in education for sustainable development
• Investing in education to improve the quality of the national human resources
• All children aged between 0 and 5 will be assured of pre-school caring and education by 2015
• All children will be assured of access to quality elementary education by 2015
• Access to quality lower secondary education by 2015
• Literacy, life skills education and lifelong learning opportunities for adults.

For further information on the Global Action Week for Education 2009 in Viet Nam, please contact: Ms Nguyen Thu Trang- Communication Officer of ActionAid Viet Nam,
Tel: 04 3943 9866; Fax: 04 3943 9872

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