Press Release 2008

Vietnamese students and politicians take part in World’s Biggest Lesson

To mark the 2008 Global Action Week for Education April 21-27, 2008 millions of students, teachers, parents and politicians in 64 provinces throughout Vietnam will join with others around the world to take part in the world’s biggest lesson on April 23, 2008 at their local secondary schools.

It is predicted that millions will take part in this event across the globe in aim of breaking the Guinness World Record for the biggest number of people taking part in a lesson simultaneously. The World’s Biggest Lesson calls for the attention of politicians and leaders worldwide on the right to education and what still needs to be done to ensure that quality education is available to all. It also reminds leaders and the public of the urgency of delivering on the Education for All (EFA) goals.

“This campaign calls on local authorities, mass organisations and education sectors at all levels to take responsibility for ensuring that all children are able to access to quality education” said Mr Ngu, Head of Department of Regular Education – Education for All, Ministry of Education and Training.

Vietnam’s national event will be held at Thang Long lower secondary school, at 3pm with participation of representatives from the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET), Hanoi Department of Education and Training ( DoET), in collaboration with a coalition of international organizations including ActionAid, Aide et Action, ChildFund, Catholic Relief Services, Oxfam Great Britain, Plan in Viet Nam, Save the Children Sweden, UCNEV, Viet Nam – Belgium Education Project, UNESCO, UNICEF, VUFO-NGO Resource Centre and World Vision.

At the event children take on the role of the teacher educating politicians and dignitaries about issues in Vietnam related to quality of education and exclusion. Children will also perform plays to highlight these issues along with an exhibition containing children’s work collected by the coalition.

In the lead up to the event children throughout Vietnam have participated in a series of activities including researches, drawing and writing contests, art performances and youth forums to raise awareness amongst local leaders of educational issues in their areas. Their findings and recommendations will be collected presented as dossiers to MoET for review.

The active participation of children in the Global Action Week provides a unique opportunity for children to raise their voices and the bring attention of leaders to issues affecting the quality education in Vietnam. For every child has to right to access quality education and in the world today, it is estimated that 70 million children are unable to attend school. .

In support of the Global Action Week for Education further activities have been facilitated by MoET at provincial level in support of support poor and disadvantaged students. Whilst also working to prevent students from dropping-out of school and encourage students who have dropped-out to return to schools. Disadvantaged students have been acknowledge by the government for the outstanding achievements.

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